In late 2009 Jason Kahn approached Jeroen Visser about starting a project together. After a few months of playing they decided to invite Christian Weber into the group, who Jason knew from previous bands. In early 2010 the group began meeting regularly in Jeroen's studio to develop their sound. The Double LP Pareidolia documents these sessions.

Tetras take a long-form approach to their music, with live sets approaching one hour or more. The gradual structural development of their pieces blurs the sense of time passing, moving through various fields of improvisation which owe as much to rock (This Heat, Can), as they do to jazz (Sun Ra, electric-era Miles Davis), minimal music (Steve Reich) or drone (Phil Niblock).

Jason Kahn (drums, percussion)
Jason Kahn began playing music in Los Angeles during the early 1980's, initially releasing records on the SST label. During the 1990's he lived in Berlin, playing drums and percussion in many projects of improvised and electronic music. Since 2000 he has been living in Zurich.
FSS released Jason Kahn's collaboration with Jon Mueller, Phase in 2010.

Jeroen Visser (organ, electronics)
Getting his start in the 1980's Amsterdam Ultra scene, Jeroen Visser has worked extensively as sound engineer with The Ex, Tom Cora and many more. He played with The Pale Nudes during the 1990's, and currently tours with ./morFrom/. and Trio Kazanchis, with Ethiopian singer and krar player Mesele Asmamaw.

Christian Weber (contrabass)
Swiss bassist Christian Weber is involved in numerous projects, ranging from jazz and free improvisation to contemporary chamber music. He has collaborated with a wide spectrum of musicians, ranging from John Butcher to Otomo Yoshihide.

Droney, even rockish at times, this is the textbook definition of experimentation at its best, integrating loose structures with cool rhythms and trippy electronics to create a consolidated whole of outstanding sound. And I'd be willing to bet that it's all improvised, because it's quite clear when listening to this that these gentlemen are playing as one - no individuals and no egos. Furthermore, the record, which consists of four distinct songs, is essentially still one. Obviously, both the band and the record are more than the sum of their parts.
Hammer Smashed Sound Feb. 13, 2012

A subliminal groove is omnipresent, at times a quickened heartbeat, at others a slow demonic chortle. This sinister pulse binds the trio's otherworldly spirit tones to an earthly foundation. Such strange architecture arrives courtesy of a unit bent on establishing a sense of structure within structure, ad infinitum.
Exclaim! Feb. 14, 2012

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Double LP / Digital Album

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