The Black Box

The Black Box is a hand held tombstone, an obsidian device with loops from Cristal, Haptic and Wrnlrd and spoken word pieces from Annie Feldmeier Adams. These FSS artists have created deep dark and disturbing sound constructs specifically for this project. There are nine tracks total.

The Black Box is a portable, battery powered soundbox. You can control the volume, select the track or allow a looped track to play as long as you like. Each miniature monolith is powered by two AA batteries (which are not included). There are outlets for earbuds (if you want to keep your despair to yourself) and an external power source. Each box is packaged individually. An edition of 2000 boxes have been manufactured.

The Black Box is in stores and available direct from FSS. You can buy The Black Box iPhone Application now at the iTunes Store.

The Black Box is tombstone shaped and outfitted with sixteen-feet-under transmissions from beyond the grave's grave.
The Left Hand Path

A novelty item? Yep, but kinda fun....actually, what's really fun is leaving it on that track (batteries not included, btw), putting it back in its smartly designed box, muffling the sound somewhat, and leaving said box on the shelf of some unsuspecting person, like a spouse.
Just Outside

Guaranteed to keep unwanted relatives and solicitors kilometres away from your door...

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