Am I Safe? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Leave Your Home

It is inevitable to leave your home, even for a short time, as most of you need to leave your home for your school, work, or for some other reasons. However, you have to make sure that as you leave your home, there are safety precautions that can give you peace of mind while you’re away. Here are important questions to ask yourself before you leave that can help your home become a safe and secure edifice for you and your valuables.

  1. Do I Need House Sitter?

locksmithTo hire a house sitter is one of the safest ways that you can do if you feel like your home will not be safe while you’re not around. A house sitter can help to look after and take care of your house while you’re away. Especially if your house is located in an area where security is not relatively safe, a house sitter can be your best option. But, make sure that the person you hire is someone you can trust with in taking care of your house, pets, or other properties while you’re away and ensure that your home is safe.

  1. Are the Windows & Doors Properly Locked?

When you leave your home, make sure that the windows & doors are properly locked and secure. You can have the deadbolt locks if possible, to make sure that your house is safe when you leave. If not, you can also think of other possible ways just to make sure that your windows and doors will not be easily hack by the thieves or burglars.

  1. Are the Valuables in my House Visible Outside?

Before leaving your home, you have to check if the valuables or other things in your house if it can be easily seen by the passersby outside the street. If there are items outside your house, like electronics, you have to keep it because criminals or passersby are easily attracted to such things especially if they know that no one is around.

  1. Is it obvious that I’m Not Home?

There are some clues that typically noticed by the people if no one is in the house. These includes, mail piling at the front of your door, or the newspapers strewn across the yard. With these things, people might easily think that you left. You can cancel your newspaper deliveries or mails held first while you’re not home. In that way, it will not be obvious for the people around if you are not home and they might stop planning to enter in your property or house without your permission.

  1. Is the Door in my Garage Safe?

The garage door of your house is very important as it is the first entrance of your home. If the lock of your garage door is not safe, your house will not be safe as well while you are not around. Always make sure that the garage doors are properly locked so that, it will not be easy for the outsiders to enter into your property.

  1. What Can I do to Make Look like that I’m Home?

When you are leaving your home, you can on some of the lights inside your house, or even the radio. In that way, people around or someone who pass by will not think that you’re out. Criminals may not attempt entering your house because it is not obvious that there is no people inside your house.

  1. What Clues I Left?

Before leaving your house, make sure that you didn’t leave anything that can give your neighbors or passersby that you’re not home. Some people usually leave message especially if they are on a vacation or leaving for a month. This information can confirm that no one is at home and criminals might attempt to enter your house. When you leave, don’t leave anything that will inform others that you leave, it is one way of making your house safe from burglars.

  1. Are the Keys Absolutely Safe?

When you leave your house always ask yourself if the keys of your doors and windows are absolutely safe. There is nothing more important than ensuring the locks of your house. If you leave your keys, make sure that t is hidden and safe. You can also leave it to someone that can keep your keys and of course, whom you can trust with.

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