Haptic Scilens

Scilens is the tenth release (and third full length album) from Haptic, co-released by FSS on cassette and Entr'acte on CD.

The way the album's title re-orders a familiar word that is freighted with significance in the post-Cagian age corresponds to the way the trio relates to sound and music.
They don't just play these elements, they re-order them in order to delineate and challenge the hierarchies used to make perceptual sense of them. Elegant piano figures and bustling percussive outbursts interrupt elongated electronic tones, and the sounds outside the window commingle and contradict ones that inhabit computer desktops.

The FSS cassette contains one exclusive, two minute in situ recording of a hidden track from the CD being played into a room, that was then split in two and placed between the end of the first and the beginning of the second sides. In this way, the two formats Scilens is released on (CD and MC) each contain unique tracks. The FSS release is a one time edition of 100 professionally manufactured cassettes.

Scilens is available as 320kb wav files only to subscribers to the FSS 2011 Digital series. The cassette is available for free to all FSS 2011 Vinyl Subscribers.

Recorded by Haptic and Todd A. Carter in Chicago, IL and Mineral Point, WI
Assembled and mixed by Mills / Sonderberg
Final mix at Vozdvizhenskoe Manor, September - October 2010
Mastered by Tomas Korber at Messfehler, Zurich

Of course, the magic is in the way they navigate these sounds and the attention and space they afford to each creak, each scuttling acousmatic rattle and gaseous background drone,forcing the ear to constantly re-evaluate its depth perception and spatial awareness with micro-to-macro-scopic detailing. Highly Recommended.

The album keeps you on your toes by changing frequently, only really settling into one long pattern in this final meditation of a closing track. It works so well for me because of the combination of acute craftsmanship and listenership, as the pieces are built and arranged in such delicately precise fashion, but also because it is all so damned beautiful - not only in a traditional "pretty" sense but also through the richness of the constructions, the architecture of it all.
The Watchful Ear Nov. 26, 2011

Track Listing

Side A) 1. The Ister 2. Setae 3. In Situ1
Side B) 4. In Situ 2 5. Winter Wasp 6. Entr'acte 7. Pentimenti

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